When God wants to change the story of your life, he will give you an encounter of a life time that will make your life not remain the same. When God decides to use you for a purpose, he gives you an encounter with what you need to achieve it while you are busy chasing unnecessary things.
Saul the son of Kish sought for direction to meet prophet Samuel to reveal to him where he could find his father’s lost donkey, but fortunately for him he encountered an intervention that changed his life. Prophet Samuel’s intervention made Saul to discover himself and God’s purpose for his life. And Saul became a new person at the same moment.
Sometimes we experience our own encounter with God when we are busy wandering about searching for the things of this world. When God wants to change your life, he sets you on a path to meet with with people that will help you discover yourself and God’s purpose for your life.
If your life needs an encounter with God, don’t give up on the road of perseverance, he would be waiting for you at the end of the road. Keep trusting him and he would do what he says he would do!



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