Why you should start your dreams now


This is an inspiring article reaching you from the voice of MAS. I am well pleased to have you read my picture quotes and articles on thevoiceofmas.wordpress.com. I will be sharing something more interesting with you this time around.

I have decided, after a long awaited time to set up a blog like this for such a time as this to share my thoughts and inspirations with you all. It’s about three years now I have been working on my first book which is yet to be published while still undergoing some polishing processes. This very book I have been working on is titled”The Right Time Is Now”. It is a book written for the general audience but targeted most especially on the youths of this century who have turned procrastination to a normal life style. I wrote the book to encourage myself and everyone out there to stop putting off things that are important till later. Unknown to many, procrastination is and always been a deadly goal killer. It does not only kill goals, it kills dreams and destinies as well. It’s quite unfortunate many have left this world without actualizing their goals and dreams in life because procrastination has pushed them off limit. These people think there will always be enough time to achieve their goals and dreams but time they say, waits for no one. Nature doesn’t promise anyone tomorrow, but it takes only God’s grace to have one.
After I conceived the idea of writing this book, I decide to checkmate every areas of my life that might have been affected by procrastination, and I began to write from experience, gathering all my lessons and mistakes along the line to make this book more realistic than just a mere imagination.
Furthermore, I had to do a thorough survey on the lives and experiences of people closest to me, and the ones I have come in contact one way or the other, who have been a victim of procrastination. However, this book wouldn’t have been more realistic without gathering my experiences together with shared experiences and research studies from the psychologist on procrastination.
Before the launch of this book, I have decided to share with you some highlights of the chapters written in the book. Although, we might have come across several books on this subject matter, but assuredly this one might just be specially written for you or someone so dear to you. While in expectance to reading this book, I would like you to enjoy the highlights which I will be sharing in this blog from time to time.
The first chapter of the book is titled “Time To Get Started”……….
A psychologist from Carleton University in Canada, Timothy, says ” The gap between intention and action is procrastination “. What Timothy implies is that, there is always that singular thing that discouraged us from taking actions on the things we intend to do, and that is procrastination. This procrastination is what creates those gaps between our intentions and actions. It pushes us from doing things when necessary to when it is not necessary. The more the gaps it create, the more we get overwhelmed that we have so many things left undone and that is where our worries begin.
Everyone of us has one or two things we have always planned to achieve but we fail to as a result of procrastination. When exactly do we think it is right to start achieving those things? I believe there is no better time to get started at it that now. Our goals and dreams are too numerous, yet we can get our hands on any to start actualizing it. The more we wait for the right time to come, the more we waste the right time unknowingly by allowing the days to pass us by. The problem majority of us are facing is that we do not make ourselves accountable for our actions. We always blame everything on something or somebody. And when we begin to get accountable for our actions, setting goals and achieving them will be more realistic.
It is a very good idea that we write down plans towards achieving certain things in life, but it is better to set a time frame for achieving them and by so doing it propels us to take drastic actions on our plans. This is where accountability comes into place. We hold ourselves responsible for not achieving our plans within the set time frame. It is not enough to plan, we must act.
Take a moment to think about a certain things you have always planned to achieve and considering it’s benefits to the masses, imagine how grateful they would be now if you have achieve that plan a long time ago. And don’t get discouraged. The fact that you have failed to achieve your plan then doesn’t mean you cannot achieve it now. You can start afresh again and start actualizing your plan now. You are your own greatest challenge and you have to honestly admit that. You will never be happy with yourself if you don’t achieve those things you have set your mind to achieve. Therefore, take up that challenge on yourself and start working things out staring from now and right where you are now. There are so many things you’ve got to achieve for people to benefit from and you have to start the process now.
Considering reasons why your dreams are yet to come alive, you have to understand that the only thing standing between starting your dreams and achieving them is you. You are the one behind the process. Because you procrastinate too much, you might have missed several people who could have helped you towards achieving your dreams. Procrastination makes one loose opportunities in life.
I have been a victim of procrastination overtime too, and that is why I could take my time share with you from experience the side effects of procrastination. Writing my first book which is yet to be published has passed the challenge of procrastination as well, but the greatest motivation to finish what I have started made me come this far in bringing it to reality. I must share with you that, helping people discover their potentials and encouraging their self development have been part of my dreams in life since I was young, and I started actualizing that right from my Polytechnic days as a student. I took that challenge upon myself to be helping people live to their potentials even amidst difficulties. In the process of helping others, I realized I was opened to discovering more of my own potentials and this began a long time ago.
Today, I can proudly say that I am well skilled in bringing out the best in people and it is still an ongoing process. If you are reading this article, it is time for you to find something doing that others will benefit from and the right time to start is now. My own dream is to be a mentor,role model and a life coach and today I am living part of my dreams even though I have not attracted the widest audience yet. I still find joy in doing what I love doing that brings out the best in others. Find your own dreams too, plan your steps of action and start actualizing them now. If you can believe it you can do it, and if you believe you can do it, you have to start right NOW.
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Why small ideas turn out great and big ideas don’t

Why small ideas turn out great and big ideas don’t.

There is nothing like a big idea or small idea; our thinking made it so. It is not the big seeds that produce the big fruits neither is it the small seeds that produce small fruits.
What exactly do we mean by an ‘idea’?
Personally, I would define idea as the simplest unit of creation or innovation. Just as the cell is the simplest unit of life, so is an idea. An idea creates something new and also creates something different from something already created. Ideas they say change the world and is the only thing that ever has. And they say owners of ideas rule the world. It doesn’t really mean people who conceive ideas are the ones ruling the world but people who conceive and put the ideas into action.
There has been a common problem in our era where people have been made to believe that if the idea is not big enough at first, then it is not good enough. This is part of the challenges we are facing as individuals and as a nation which is actually affecting growth and development.
It is quite unfortunate majority forget to understand that our ideas are meant to be conceived inside of us just as the baby is conceived inside the mothers womb. When you conceive an idea, you can never tell how big it can become until you expose it. When a baby is conceived in the mothers womb, she can never tell if the baby is one or twin or triplet. It is today the scientist have made it easier to see what exactly is inside the womb through an X-ray. Just as we have an X-ray exposing the stomach of a pregnant mother, we have certain people in life God has destined to expose our ideas to us. Sometimes they can come in form of a family or friend or as a mentor. These people help us to discover and realize the potentials in our ideas, and sometimes help to incubate our ideas when they are not matured enough to survive. We have these people out there and we just need to discover them.
Coming back to the reasons why small ideas turn out great and big ideas don’t, I will highlight few pointers here as follows:

1. We don’t understand the potentials of small ideas : Our lack of knowledge or insight to our small ideas make us undermine the power of their output. We neglect the importance of small ideas and march on to big ones with little or no considerations. We sometimes feel if the idea doesn’t make one rich in a short term it is not a great idea. We focus too much on what our ideas can offer us in short term than what we can achieve with them in a long term.

2. We give up too easily on small ideas : When the ideas begin to flow and we start to write them down, we tend to shift focus away from the ideas that appear small to the ones that appear big to us. Doing this make us expend too much efforts trying to execute big ideas which sometimes end up to naught. We do this at the expense of the small ideas. Our small ideas ought to get much more of our attentions because they carry something big we can’t see with our natural eyes. It is always easier to start something with a small idea than have a big idea with nothing to start with.

3. We fail to plan on small ideas: It is when adequate plans and action steps are made that we can achieve something great with small ideas. Many of us ignore this fact and try hard without planning and fail repeatedly. A small idea with a big plan and action step will go a long way than a big idea with a small plan and action steps. We should know that when we fail to plan we plan to fail.

4. We execute our ideas at the wrong time: We sometime forget to understand that different ideas have their own season of execution. Irrespective of how small or big the idea is we must understand the time. This is why if we execute some ideas at the wrong time, they yield nothing. We need to understand how to incubate our ideas until they are matured for execution. When we suppose to execute our small ideas, we forgo them for the big one while missing the opportunities the small ideas could have offered us.

5. We procrastinate on small ideas: We take so much advantage of small ideas that we leave them behind to work on the big ideas. The bad news is that we fail to realize that executing small dreams can be a footstep towards realizing the big ones. We fail to understand that small ideas can open doors of opportunities for the big ones. This is a very bad habit we must stop if we need to achieve something great with our ideas. It is easier for small ideas to open doors of opportunities for big ideas than it is for big ideas to open doors of opportunities for small ideas.

My primary advice for all is to stop placing limitations to what we can achieve with small ideas that we have conceived or will conceive. God has a way of producing something big from small things. Whenever the ideas come either big or small, we must endeavor to make big plans and action steps towards achieving them.

Written by Abiola Sojobi

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